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Tinsel Tail Lures

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At TINSEL TAIL LURES™ we simply offer you a quality product with over 35 years of proven fish catching success.

Our tinsel skirts will move with the flow of the water and instantly react to every move of your rod. We believe this action combined with superior visibility will move fish from greater distances than traditional skirting materials, enticing reluctant fish to strike. To increase your fishing success and results, even under tough conditions, give TINSEL TAIL LURES™ a try. We think you will be glad you did.

We know they catch fish. As the owners of WILK Industries, we have been fishing with Tinsel Tail Lures™ for over 35 years.

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Welcome to Tinsel Tail Lures 2016

New this Year is our "Tinsel Glow Jigs- with Glow in the Dark Skirts"
Firetiger, Perch and Blue Shiner"

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